In their never-ending quest to turn everything we loved as children into a film, Hollywood has set its sights on 'Where's Waldo?'

The character, originally created by illustrator Martin Handford for popular series of children's books, has popped up in comic strips, TV shows and video games over the last 25 years. Now, with MGM reportedly getting ready to base a live-action film around the franchise, we thought we'd help them out by suggesting a few potential fits for the ol' striped shirt, fuzz-topped beanie and Coke bottle glasses. Check out our 'Where's Waldo?' casting picks below and share yours in the comments.

Daniel Radcliffe
Well, of course. The guy already played a famous guy in glasses. While we're sure Radcliffe is in no hurry to jump into another book-to-film adaptation so soon after concluding his 'Harry Potter' run, a few years of drawing Broadway-sized paychecks might change his tune. Plus, MGM is notorious for letting projects languish in development. By the time they're ready to let the cameras roll on 'Waldo,' he might be in the mood for another blockbuster payday. Don't lose those glasses, Dan!

Dr. Drew Pinsky
He isn't really known as an actor, but thanks to his long stint as the host of 'Loveline' and multiple reality shows, Dr. Drew has one of pop culture's most recognizable faces. He's already got the glasses, so the studio could save on wardrobe -- just give him the hat, the shirt and a script heavy on the self-help themes, and we've got ourselves a hit movie.

Michael Cera
This photo pretty much says it all, doesn't it? We all know how good Cera is at playing mild-mannered fellows, and anyone who'd go out in public with his initials written on his nose has to have a pretty healthy sense of humor about himself. Cast him as Waldo, and the movie goes from just another crass studio cash-in to a project that could actually have a killer soundtrack and a little indie-style depth. At least, that's what we'd tell Cera if we were his agents.

Zachary Levi
Admittedly, Levi doesn't play geeky as often as he did when he debuted as the titular computer repairman-turned-accidental spy in NBC's 'Chuck.' But he's a solid enough actor that we're sure he could turn down some of that leading-man glamour for the role. Or maybe the screenwriters could turn 'Where's Waldo?' into a 'Bourne Identity'-style action thriller, taking advantage of Levi's five seasons of secret agent stunt work. "This summer, it's time to find Waldo..."

Ralph Macchio
Macchio rose to fame thanks to his gift for playing twerpy teens, but now that he's (unbelievably) 50 years old, we think he has the depth to play a stripe-bedecked dude who hides out in crowds. Plus, he'd probably be eager for another leading role -- some of his most recent credits include a stint on 'Dancing with the Stars' and appearances as himself on 'Entourage' and 'Head Case.' He's the best around!

Ty Burrell
'Modern Family' pop Burrell could perfectly capture Waldo's low-key awkwardness. Plus, he has an every-man quality that'll help him blend into a crowd. It's about time Hollywood started putting Burrell in big screen family comedies. Jack Black can't star in everything.