Jennifer Lopez could don a red fedora to play elusive thief Carmen Sandiego in an adaption of the popular educational video game series 'Where In the World Is Carmen Sandiego?' What's next? Marc Anthony as "Where's Waldo?" 

Deadline reports that Lopez has been tapped as a producer for a film version of the popular educational video game series turned game show turned Saturday morning cartoon. Casting has yet to be confirmed, but many are speculating that the 'American Idol' judge could play the globe-trotting master criminal.

Walden Media ('Chronicles of Narnia') has snagged film rights to the franchise along with Lopez's Nuyorican Productions. The rough story is described as 'National Treasure' meets 'The Thomas Crown Affair' with Carmen's former partner tracking her whereabouts. Carmen's early days as ACME's top detective could also factor into the plot.

Fans of the 'Where in the World Is Carmen Sandiego?' games and cartoon series are excited by this bit of news. Is it us, or does Lopez look a lot like Carmen? Watch the intro for the 'Carmen Sandiego' Saturday morning cartoon below and see if you notice a resemblance.