First featured in a joke ad in 'Sports Illustrated,' Wendy's nine-patty "T-Rex" burger is now a real thing. We can feel our arteries hardening already. Seriously, even a real T-Rex would have trouble choking this thing down.

After the fictitious burger was featured in the sports magazine nine years ago, fast food customers actually started ordering it. So, a Wendy's branch in Brandon, which is a city in Canada's Manitoba province, decided to oblige.

Customers can order the massive stack of meat as a sandwich for $21.99 or, if they're really hungry, as a combo for $24.99. This is, by the way, the only place the gargantuan burger can be purchased.

Check out a photo of the king-sized sandwich below and tremble in fear or anticipation. Your call. Us? Well, let's just say we're planning a trip to Canada very soon...

Prepare Yourselves for Wendy's Nine-Patty 'T-Rex' Burger

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