The forecast: inept with a chance of embarrassment.

James Quinones, a weatherman with 12 News in Phoenix, didn't need to hang out in the hot sun to be left red-faced after he accidentally knocked over an ice giraffe that took three hours to sculpt.

The sculpture was set to go on display as part of the holiday lights show at the Phoenix Zoo and Quinones was on hand to give viewers a behind-the-scenes look at how the exhibit is put together.

After talking to one of the sculptors about the difficulty in making the piece, Quinones goes over to talk the other one and is complimenting their work when -- BAM! -- he knocks it over, leaving the anchors back at the studio stunned. More importantly, the sculptors just stand there like, "Did that just happen?"

An apologetic Quinones had no idea what to do, so he simply walked away. It looks like he's going to need to be asking for forgiveness this Thanksgiving.

On the positive side, the sculpture's life probably wasn't going to be a long one, anyway. An ice sculpture? In Phoenix? The word "melt" does come to mind.

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