We have some penguins, a caracara bird and some eggs. It seems like a normal scene for a nature film, right? What happens next might shock you.

Even though it's surrounded by an innumerable lot of rockhopper penguins, the caracara in the video doesn't care and attempts to go for one of their delicious eggs. The only trouble is that the egg it's targeted is more than it appears; it just so happens to be an egg-cam.

After poking at the egg-cam for a while, in an attempt to crack it open, the caracara ends up sending it rolling away. Well, the caracara is in no mood to starve, so it ends up going after the egg, grabbing the thing and then taking flight with it. What we're treated to is a literal bird's eye view of the colony of penguins. And not only that, but it's the first piece of aerial footage of a rockhopper penguin colony that's been shot by an actual bird.

Unfortunately, the egg slips out of its claws and lands back down to the ground, where it's then eyed by a turkey vulture. It seems that the egg-cam is popular, because it's targeted by at least three different predators throughout the course of the two-minute video.

Eventually, it rolls back to the safety of the colony to be looked after by some rockhopper penguin parents. It's a shame that the only thing this egg will hatch is one-of-a-kind footage.