These days, 'Rushmore' helmer Wes Anderson is as much of a commercial director as he is one for feature films. The latest in the increasing list of products the auteur has made a spot for is Sony's Xperia's smartphone. And Anderson's latest ad just might be his cutest yet.

When the ad starts, eight-year old Jack Ryan is asked how the Xperia works. According to Jack, the smartphone is powered by three tiny little robots. As the ad progresses, stop motion animation -- much like Anderson used in 'Fantastic Mr. Fox' -- illustrates Jack's vision of how a smartphone works.

Those are some precious-looking little robots. Leave it to Anderson to make even technology twee. Do you think this is an effective ad? If you do, where would it rank among Anderson's other commercial efforts? We've compiled some of his earlier efforts below to help you with that comparison.