If you're going to wait on line to vote, you might as well wait with a full belly.

A charitable undertaking called Pizza to the Polls has been working to deliver pizzas to voters stuck in line at their polling locations on Tuesday. The pizza is free, thanks to donations anyone can make. If you see a location where voters are in line, all you have to do is report it here and a pizza will make its way there.

Yeah, that's a nice way to leave a nice taste in voters' mouths after an ugly presidential race that has worn us out.

The idea comes courtesy of two men who had previously created an anti-Donald Trump super PAC. Co-founder Scott Duncombe said this seemed like a smart move, adding, "“This felt like a good way to make sure that money went to a good cause." There's also no political motivation. "It’s for everyone who’s there: voters, poll workers, volunteers. We’re just trying to bring a little bit of joy to people waiting to vote," Duncombe said.

As you can see the effort has paid off -- and not just with pizza, either.

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