Police officers complete selfless acts of heroism every day, and one cop in Virginia's recent actions are warming the hearts of pet lovers everywhere.

The Rescue

WHSV3 News in Harrisonburg, Virginia reports Officer Timothy Rugg was working his normal beat when he received the call that changed everything: a good samaritan alerted authorities after witnessing someone toss a tiny kitten from a moving vehicle.

The caller was unable to keep the kitten but was kind enough to take it home and bathe it while waiting for someone to transport it to the local animal shelter--That's when Officer Rugg showed up.

Love at First Sight

Rugg told WHSV3 News that he reached under a couch to grab the kitten and she climbed onto his shoulder. He headed to the animal shelter to drop off the kitten but found he just couldn't let her go.

The pair had instantly bonded, and Officer Ruggs decided he wanted to adopt his new pal. The kitten, named Penny, is now living her best life with Officer Ruggs.

Pay it Forward

While Penny's tail tale has a happy ending, many kittens aren't as fortunate. One of the best ways to ensure the safety of cats is to have them spayed or neutered. Many local animal shelters and non-profits provide can provide low-cost options for those in need.

You can also help by donating time, money, or supplies to your local animal shelter and/or chapter of the Humane Society.

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