Men and Kittens Basically Has to Be Your Favorite Tumblr
French Tumblr Des Hommes et des Chatons (Men and Kittens) makes us wonder -- do we like kittens because they remind us of hunky dudes, or do we like hunky dudes because they remind us of kittens? Or, are they both great and this is the best Tumblr evvvaaar?! Probably that last one.
Kitten Escape
Whether or not their motivation was a prize beyond that gate, the ever-looming option of freedom, or they were merely trying to get closer to their mother, we aren't sure, but it doesn't really matter when there are precious, precious kittens involved.
Here’s A Corgi And A Kitten Snuggling
We could offer an explanation of this. But we really don't have one, and do you really need one? It's just an adorable Corgi puppy and an equally adorable kitten snuggling, and arguing in their sleep over who gets the most pillow. Oh, and chewing on each other's feet...
Kittens Are The Most Adorable Sports Fans
Ask anybody who owns a cat: Cats love sports. Not because they love the interplay of human achievement at the highest level with physics and chance, or because they love statistics and analysis. No, they love sports because a small ball goes flying around, riveting their attention...
Ninja Kittens Stalk Their Prey
There is no creature more fearsome in the wild than the giant cats. The tiger, the panther, the lion, all justly feared predators who strike with neither warning nor mercy.
These kittens, not so much. But the instincts are still there.
It’s Kitten Versus Doberman In Cutest Match-Up Ever
Animals getting along together are just super fun to watch. Particularly sworn enemies like cats and dogs. But a tiny kitten playing with a full grown doberman? Check out this cute (albeit a bit worrying) video in which a six-week-old kitten shows no fear as it takes on a two-year-old Doberman.
Is This a Monster or a Cute Kitty? [VIDEO]
We positively love animal videos here at TheFW, particularly the cute and cuddly variety. But here's a terrifying alternative featuring a freaky "kitten from hell" that's guaranteed to scare you silly. Don't say we didn't warn you.

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