Continuing the proud tradition of cute animals battling inanimate objects, this kitten challenges two evil green apples to a pulse-pounding showdown.

Maybe this kitten saw last weekend's dog vs. cabbage duel and decided to raise the stakes by taking on two crunchy, delicious opponents. Or perhaps he senses an evil that humans can't detect, like that cat who saved tiny Drew Barrymore in the movie 'Cat's Eye.' Surely it can't just be a case of "LOL, kittens are so random"... Alright, it's probably exactly that. But with a little epic battle music, it's easy to see how two harmless pieces of fruit could start seem like hideous green intruders from another world, especially if you get jazzed up on a little catnip.

So is "animals bullying produce" the next big thing? Guess it's time to start that People for the Ethical Treatment of Vegetables advocacy group.