In July of 2008, the carcass of a bloated, chimera-like animal washed ashore in Long Island. The 'Montauk Monster' terrified and fascinated the nation that summer, with zoologists eventually concluding the beast was probably a water-damaged raccoon, rather than some sort of byproduct of a top-secret experiment gone horribly wrong.

Four years later, it looks like we have another monster on our hands.

These photos were recently snapped on the shore of Manhattan's East River. Denise Ginley, who took the picture, is sharing hi-res closeups of the unfortunate creature on her Flickr account. (Warning, they are pretty gross.) You can see them below, if you dare.

After closely examining all the evidence, we still have no idea what we are dealing with here. A giant rat, maybe? What do you think? Whatever it is, it's certainly seen better days.