It has been said that Michael Jackson modeled his unique look after music legend Diana Ross. So maybe it shouldn't be that surprising that there is a woman in the Ukraine who looks a lot like the late King of Pop.

Her name is Elena Romanenkova, and she says she uses the resemblance to promote her work as a photographer. She can reportedly also imitate some of MJ's dance moves. No word on whether she can belt out a passable version of 'Billie Jean.'  (Or if her look is the result of the kind of plastic surgery that Jackson was so fond of.)

Elena Romanenkova Michael Jackson

You can see more photos on her Facebook page. So are you buying Romanenkova as Jackson's unlikely doppelganger? Or is it all just make-up, shading and a black wig? Take a look at another one of her photos below and let us know your verdict.

Elena Romanenkova Michael Jackson2