A few days ago, we were hit with the horrific news that Twinkies could be goners. First bacon, now the spongy stuff. How can we not start to think this is the beginning of the end?!

Even though we have a mild panic attack every time the subject is brought up, we think its fairly important to pay our respects to one of the greatest American snacks while they're still around. See, there are tons of awesome things about Twinkies -- they're filled with sugary goodness, they last for years and you can fit like, three in your mouth at a time. It's the perfect food.

Did you know Twinkies also have a huge presence in the movie world? All sorts of characters are fans of the bite-sized treat, and the folks over at The Huffington Post put together a genius compilation of film clips mentioning the snack.

Let's all take a few moments of silence and watch this video while nibbling on that Twinkie you paid $100 for on Ebay.

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