11-year-old Nate Smith's amazing 89-foot hockey shot into a goal only a half an inch wider than the puck itself netted him $50,000 during a charity event in Faribault, Minnesota.

But there was a catch: the name on the raffle card that had been selected to attempt the trick shot was actually that of his identical twin brother, Nick.

The boys had decided to write Nick's name down on the card because Nate had just had a cast removed from a recently broken arm, and they thought Nick would have the better chance.

However, Nick had gone outside the arena when his name was called out, so the boy's dad, Pat, told Nate he might as well take the ice.

Nobody would have known any better if Pat -- claiming honesty is the best policy -- hadn't called the the event's organizers the next day and 'fessed up to the switcheroo.

Whether or not the Smiths get the money is now up to the event's insurance carrier. They have yet to come to an official decision, but have ominously pointed out through a spokesman that the person taking the shot must have the same name as appears on the raffle ticket.

Watch a clip of the shot below, then tell us -- should the family get the $50K?

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