Apparently the tale of the recent Carnival Cruise disaster hasn't yet ended, because now that the situation is over lawsuits are constantly filing in, with everyone wanting justice to be done -- and probably a new wardrobe as well. Honestly, those people most likely smell horrible.

But the latest lawsuit was filed by someone not even on the ship. Luckily, Conan O'Brien had the story for us during last night's episode when Triumph, The Insult Comic Dog made an appearance. During his segment, he issued a statement saying that he is suing Carnival Cruise because the line used the name Triumph without his permission, resulting in his "good name" having been degraded and besmirched.

All the while, his attorney "Alan Dershowitz" (played by Triumph voice actor Robert Smigel) sat by his side. And in the end, some unfortunate directing caused the sketch to take a hault, which only made it funnier.