At worst, most people have to contend with a little rain on their wedding day. But when Caleb and Candra Pence posed for wedding photos in Kansas last Saturday, several tornadoes made a surprise appearance in the background. Uh oh! We sure hope this isn't a bad omen.

Fortunately, the twisters steered clear of the wedding ceremony, although they did cause damage to a farm elsewhere in Harper County.

But according to the happy couple, they were far too focused on their nuptials to pay the tornadoes any mind. "I was getting married, I really didn't care about the tornado," said Caleb. "I told Candra and she said she didn't want to hear about it right now."

The groom's mother, Carla, said the wedding photos capture the true image of rural Kansas. "It was very classic: boots, jeans, wheat and tornado. You can't get any better than that for Kansas," she said. That and maybe a storm cellar too.

Check out another photo and video of the tornado rudely interrupting the wedding below.