While we've always wanted to play an unforgettable character in a legendary movie and get showered in adoration, we also realize there's a downside to becoming a celebrity known for one role. As Dave Chappelle attested to with his bit about Mickey Mouse harrassing him at Disney World, it can drive you crazy. For Tom Wilson - aka Biff Tannen - it drove him to create an all-encompassing card that he can hand to fans when the questions come flying his way quicker than a DeLorean.


And for all those illiterate or blind people, there's no need to worry, Tom's produced the card in song form, which you can enjoy below.

So, basically, Michael J. Fox is a really nice guy.

Tom's innovative approach could have other one-role wonders following suit. It could even turn into a craze where rabid fans strive to collect the most cards. Finally, the rolodex has a use again.

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