In 1995, Disney released 'Tom And Huck,' their take on the Mark Twain classic 'The Adventures of Tom Sawyer.' Jonathan Taylor Thomas and Brad Renfro played the title roles. Fans of '90s tween stars still remember it fondly today.At the time, Taylor Thomas, or JTT as he was more commonly known, and Renfro were two of the most sought after young actors in Hollywood. They each gave strong performances in 'Tom and Huck,' and it seemed like they were both on their way toward long movie careers. However, for reasons tragic and otherwise, this didn't happen.

See what became Thomas, Renfro and all the young stars of 'Tom and Huck' below.

Jonathan Taylor Thomas, Thomas "Tom" Sawyer

Then: Jonathan Taylor Thomas was already a pretty big star and fixture on the walls of junior high school girls around the country when he played Tom Sawyer in 'Tom and Huck.' The-then 13-year-old was in the midst of his long running role as Randy Taylor in 'Home Improvement' and had just come off voicing Young Simba in 'The Lion King.'

Now: Taylor's last film role was in the 2006 short 'Extra,' which he also directed. (You might also have caught him in guest turns on 'Veronica Mars' and 'Smallville.') The 31-year-old graduated from Columbia University in 2010, and although he has seemingly left Hollywood, he may soon return. "Jonathan is acting, and he wants to direct!," tweeted his proud 'Home Improvement' TV mom Patricia Richardson after running into Taylor last year.

Brad Renfro, Huckleberry "Huck" Finn

Then: Brad Renfro played Huck Finn in ‘Tom and Huck.’ It was the third movie role for the then-12 year old, who won a Young Star award for his acclaimed work in 'The Client' and 'The Cure.'

Now: Renfro seemed headed for a sustained Hollywood career, with lead roles in gritty movies like 'Apt Pupil' and 'Bully.' But drug and alcohol addictions derailed his path to stardom and a heroin overdose took his life in 2008. Renfro was 25 when he died. His last movie was the ensemble piece 'The Informers.'

Courtland Mead, Cousin Sid

Then: Courtland Mead was Cousin Sid in ‘Tom’ and Huck.' During the '90s he also played Kirk Cameron’s little brother on the sitcom ‘Kirk,’ and starred in the movie ‘Dragonworld.' (You might also remember him as Uh-Huh in the 'Little Rascals' movie.)

Now: Mead had a nice run as the voice of Gus on the Disney cartoon 'Recess.' But his last credit is some voice work he did on a 2006 episode of 'Lilo & Stich,' and his MySpace page listed his occupation as "washed up actor" before it was recently taken down. If you've seen Mead lately, let us know!

Rachael Leigh Cook, Rebecca "Becky" Thatcher

Then: Cook played Tom’s crush Becky Thatcher. It was her second movie, following her debut in 'The Babysitters Club.'

Now: Cook jumped onto the teen movie A-list with 1999's 'She's All That' before settling into a solid career of TV and film roles. She currently stars with Eric McCormack on the TV series 'Perception,' and will be the lead in two upcoming movies, 'Red Sky' and 'High Midnight.’

Blake Heron as Benjamin "Ben" Rodgers

Then: Heron played Tom’s buddy Ben Rodgers in 'Tom and Huck.' It was his movie debut. Two years later, he became a series regular as jock Jordan Wells on 'Nick Freno: Licensed Teacher.' That year he also starred in the dog-themed family movie ‘Shiloh.’

Now: After a seven-year lull in his acting career, Heron recently appeared on an episode of 'Justified' and will be in the upcoming movie 'Benjamin Troubles.'