We miss 'Lost' a lot. But apparently not as much as these people in the video.

A few years ago the once-upon-a-time ABC smash hit ended, leaving us all with tons unanswered questions. Week after week, we were all transfixed at a chance to discover the secrets of the island, who Kate would choose as her man and just how many stare downs Jack and Locke could endure.

But as an example of the level of nerdiness this show created, allow us to show you a couple who has chosen that their child should be aware of the brilliance that was 'Lost.'

Creating a hatch of their own, the couple decided to dedicate their child's nursery to the mind bending program. Let's just hope that while the child is surrounded by all the signature 'Lost' memorabilia -- Dharma Initiative collection items, a polar bear, lush, forest-like surroundings, Hurley's numbers, Oceanic flight 815 overhanging toys and even a Dharma baby bodysuit -- he / she doesn't grow to hate the show (or his parents).

Check out photos of the nursery below. Can you spot any Easter Eggs?