It's a sad day for fans of NPR's popular live program 'Car Talk.' The brothers Tom and Ray Magliozzi -- better known as Click and Clack the Tappet Brothers-- announced on a blog post titled, 'Time To Get Even Lazier,' that the two would be retiring as hosts.

Beginning in October, NPR plans to replace the show with material that's been archived over the past 25 years, 'Car Talk's' span on the air.

Ray, 63, jokes, "My brother has always been work-averse. Now, apparently, even the one hour a week is killing him!"

The two have always been funny men. The memories and laughs we've been given over the past quarter of a century are ones we can never replace and will forever miss.

What is the likelihood of a difference of opinion down the road? Well, if the brothers have anything to say about it, we're not too sure. "Will we change our minds and come back and do some more shows?," Ray asks rhetorically. "I would say it's unlikely, but anything's possible. Right, Tommy?"

Don't get your hopes up. Tommy, now 74, responds with a short, hilarious and to the point answer, "Absolutely not. My brother can go chase himself. I'm done."

Will you miss 'Car Talk'?