In 1985, the then 'Family Ties' cast member Michael J. Fox had not only a hit television show under his belt but also two blockbuster successes. One was the legendary 'Back to the Future' while the other was the not-as-legendary-but-still-successful-and-entertaining 'Teen Wolf.' The film told the story of a high school student (Fox), who suddenly discovers that he has the ability to transform into a werewolf, a trait passed down in his family.

The film was a solid success (OBVIOUSLY), that led to a sequel starring Jason Bateman (the not-as-lucrative 'Teen Wolf Too'), a short-lived animated series and a 2011 MTV series. Regardless, the real 'Teen Wolf' stands clear in our minds, as does its cast. And seeing as it's just shy of three decades since the film's release, why not check out where the cast of 'Teen Wolf' was then and currently is today?

  • Michael J. Fox, Scott Howard

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    Then: Michael J. Fox was on top of the world in 1985, having a successful show on the air ('Family Ties') and a huge profile boost with 'Back To The Future.' 'Teen Wolf' would open at #2 on opening weekend, just behind the aforementioned 'Back To The Future,' making Fox the biggest actor on the planet at the time.

    Now: Fox's career would go on to see a lengthy list of successful films such as 'Doc Hollywood,' 'The Secret of My Success' and the last two 'Back To The Future' films. He also went on to star in another popular sitcom, 'Spin City,' from 1996-2000, but left due to his growing fight with Parkinson's disease -- a disorder for which he would create The Michael Fox Foundation, one seeking a cure for Parkinson's. Today, he is a New York Times Bestselling author, living with his four children and wife, Tracy Pollan.

  • James Hampton, Harold Howard


    Then: Playing the role of Harold Howard, James Hampton was the lovable, understanding father to his son Scott -- mainly because he too was a werewolf. Before taking on the wolf dad role, Hampton was known for his roles on 'The Doris Day Show' and 'F Troop.' After the success of 'Teen Wolf' he would offer his voice to the TV show that followed a year later.

    Now: Hampton's career after 'Teen Wolf' has been filled with not only acting but also television directing, for which he seems to be very successful at. He has sat behind the camera for shows such as 'Sister, Sister' and 'Grace Under Fire.'

  • Jerry Levine, Rupert 'Stiles' Stilinski

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    Then: As cool as Michael J. Fox's character might have been in the film, everyone remembers Rupert 'Stiles' Stilinski played by Jerry Levine. His character was the smart-mouthed, somewhat entrepreneurial friend of Scott Howard. Stiles was the guy you always wanted around you, a true beacon of positivity. Around the time of 'Teen Wolf,' Levine was getting some scarce roles, but it was his role as Stiles that helped push him into being a working actor.

    Now: His career after 'Teen Wolf' has been a truly bright one. Successfully making various appearances on television shows, Levine would find true fortune in directing. He has worked behind the camera on everything from 'Monk' to the rebooted 'Hawaii Five-0' to 'It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia.' He also played Joe on 'Will & Grace' for six seasons.

  • Matt Adler, Lewis

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    Then: Back in the '80s, Adler was known for playing supporting roles in teen films -- much as he did in 'Teen Wolf.' Playing the role of Lewis, Adler's character found himself a bit trepidatious when the proud wolf came along. 'Teen Wolf' would be his first film credit.

    Now: Adler's acting career after 'Teen Wolf' has mostly been recording additional dialogue for film and lending his voice for various characters. However, back in 2005 he was a co-executive producer on the series 'Unscripted.' Today, he is married to actress Laura San Giacomo. He's a pal of George Clooney's, and they even wrote a TV pilot called 'Kilroy' together which eventually became the series 'Unscripted.'

  • Susan Ursitti, Boof

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    Then: Playing the best friend/eventual love interest of Michael J. Fox's character, Susan Ursitti began acting in 1982, appearing in films, television and commercials. Her role in 'Teen Wolf' would grow to be her most popular, but she was also seen on hits such as '21 Jump Street' and 'Charles in Charge.'

    Now: Deciding to go back to school, Ursitti received a master's in design from St. Mary's College and stopped acting. She is married to film producer Jonathan Sheinberg. Together, they have three children.

  • Mark Holton, Chubby


    Then: Graced with the unfortunate character name of "Chubby," Mark Holton was one of Scott Howard's cronies and basketball teammates throughout the film. Also in 1985, Holton played the nemesis of Pee-Wee Herman in 'Pee-wee's Big Adventure,' perhaps his most famous role.

    Now: After 'Teen Wolf,' Holton went on to reprise his role in 'Teen Wolf Too' and had roles in 'A League of Their Own,' 'The Naked Gun,' and 'Little Giants.' His parts in television have stood prominent as well, acting in shows such as 'NCIS,' 'NYPD Blue' and 'Tim and Eric.'

  • Lorie Griffin, Pamela


    Then: Playing the hot head-cheerleader, Pamela, Lorie Griffin was obviously of interest to Scott Howard. She was gorgeous and alluring, but it wasn't until the wolf came out that she really noticed Scott.

    Now: After 'Teen Wolf' -- her most famous role -- Griffin acted in a few films and television shows ('Charles in Charge' and 'Cheerleader Camp'). Unfortunately, after an experience in filming the 1993 film 'Sandman,' in which director Eric Woster committed suicide after the film's completion, Griffin walked away from acting and has successfully escaped the public eye.

  • Mark Arnold, Mick

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    Then: Arnold began his acting career in television, proving to be rather successful before his 'Teen Wolf' role. He made a mark with 'Guiding Light,' 'The Edge of Night,' 'Santa Barbara' and 'One Life to Live.' His 'Teen Wolf' character, Mick, was the original boyfriend to Pamela, who was eventually stolen away by the power of Fox's lupine good looks. He was surly, arrogant and undoubtedly a gigantic dud.

    Now: Arnold's career outside of 'Teen Wolf' has surely been a good one, sans a few years gap in the '90s. Most recently, Arnold has been seen in the 2012 film 'Avenge.' He will be appearing as Ron Sheridan in this year's 'The Gunrunner Billy Kane.'

  • Jay Tarses, Coach Finstock


    Then: Before playing the somewhat grumpy Coach Finstock, Tarses had a successful writing career, with credits including 'The Bob Newhart Show,' 'The Carol Burnett Show' and 'The Tony Randall Show' -- the latter of which he created. (He also penned 'The Muppets Take Manhattan.') Most of his acting was done in television, with 'Teen Wolf' being his sole film credit acting-wise.

    Now: Tarses' went on to create the groundbreaking NBC dramedy 'The Days and Nights of Molly Dodd' and the short-lived CBS legal comedy 'Public Morals.' For five episodes, Tarses played Jack Briscoe on the TBS series, 'My Boys.' He also cocreated and starred in the BBC sitcom 'Revolting People.'

  • Jim McKrell, Vice Principal Rusty Thorne


    Then: McKrell played the Vice Principal who had an eye out for Scott Howard. As it turns out, we'd be introduced to the fact that Howard's father had a little history with the vice principal when the two were in high school.

    Now: After 'Teen Wolf' wrapped, McKrell only acted throughout the rest of the '80s, with a couple of credits in the early '90s. He still occasionally does voiceover work, but, having a career that began in 1969, we can understand the retirement.