Two teenage girls were charged for stealing $168 from a nine-year-old Girl Scout outside a Winn Dixie supermarket in Lake Worth, FL. And if stealing from a kid wasn't heartless enough, the teens showed no remorse for their actions! Even though this incident happened back in 2008, a raw interview of the culprits has gone viral after being posted on Reddit recently.

When interviewed, the girl on the left, Stefanie Woods (then 17) told the reporter that although she knew it was wrong, "money is money" and she and her friend needed it. She said so while sipping her Starbucks drink. In fact, both the girls were upset over the charges that were filed against them for what the friend described as "an easy crime," and that they had to give the money back to the Girl Scout.

Watch in shock what these two unremorseful girls had to say about their actions.

And if you thought the girls would have learned their lesson by now, you're wrong. Less than three weeks after their infamous crime, Woods and her friend were arrested after dining at a Denny's and then walking out on their $25.84 bill.  The following year, Woods and her then-boyfriend robbed a man of prescription drugs while armed with a gun. And this past April, Woods (now 22) was arrested again for violating her probation. Congrats, girls -- you're another entry in our reports on dumb criminals.

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