Another day, another Taylor Swift breakup. On the bright side, her split with One Direction member Harry Styles gives her some new material for her next album. We can't say when or how Swift will turn this into another hit song to terrorize us at the grocery store. We can only speculate. And speculate we shall. Here are some songs we wouldn't be surprised to hear on the radio by the end of this year.

'What Makes You Stupidful'

'There's One Direction -- Away From Me'

'We Are Seriously Not Going Out Anymore'

'Well, That's Over. Who's Next?'

'You Left Me Brokenhearted (I Left You on a Boat)'

'Chalk It Up to You Shouldn't Have Dated Me'

'Stop Texting Me (You're Not Getting Your Hair Gel Back)'

'Happy New Year, We're Through'

'Finally Free (To Not Feel a Little Like a Pedophile)'

'I'm Not Saying This Song Is About Harry Styles, But I'm Not NOT Saying That'

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