Well, bless my buttons! Doesn't Taylor Swift look just like the daughter of the founder of the Church of Satan, Zeena Schreck (nèe LaVey)? The internet sure seems to think so, if the photo going around of Zeena on a talk show during the '90s is any indication.

The photo of a young Zenna has circulated before, with many drawing a comparison between the controversial artist/musician/animal rights activist/spiritual leader and the 'You Belong to Me' singer. Recently it resurfaced on Reddit, because you clearly can't keep a good T-Swift doppelganger photo down.

We imagine if Taylor Swift had grown-up back in the '90s, she would probably have those eyebrows Zenna is sporting too. Here's a video of Schreck in an interview from back in the day. It's just like watching Taylor on 'Ellen,' only she's debating with a Southern Baptist minister, instead of not talking about her ex-boyfriends.

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