Target has been brightening up TV screens lately with a commercial featuring folks wearing colorful suits and dancing their way through various city and suburban scenes. The spot is expertly shot, and features excellent choreography. But what’s that song playing?

The song is Alouette, by The Delta Rhythm Boys, who recorded it in 1958. But the song's origins go back to at least the late 1800s, when it became popular in French-speaking Quebec.

American soldiers were exposed to the Alouette during Word War I, and took it back home to the United Sates where it became a popular children song. In fact, it's been sung in elementary school music classes ever since.

For those who don’t speak French, Alouette means lark, and the song is from the perspective of a hunter who’s telling this lark that he’s going to kill it, and then pluck its head, nose, eyes, wings and tail. It's actually quite a brutal song, but it’s just about always sung in the joyful way The Delta Rhythm Boys performed it. Check out the commercial below.