Yesterday, we met Patricia Krentcil, who is extremely tan. While this would generally just be an aesthetic problem, it also became a legal issue for the 44-year-old New Jersey woman when her five-year-old daughter told a school nurse that her rash was from when mommy took her to the tanning salon.

This disclosure led to Kretncil's arrest on child endangerment charges. Krentncil denies that she ever allowed her daughter into a tanning booth. However, she does concede she took the youngster into the room while she tanned. (Which makes sense, because, from the looks of her, if she was forced to get a sitter every time she went tanning she would quickly go broke.)

Kretncil repeated this denial during a curbside interview with TMZ Thursday, and talked about the "witch hunt" against her.

According to Kretncil, somebody who she has known her whole life and who is "jealous and fat and ugly" (and presumably pale) is behind the allegations against her.

Is it just us, or is Kretncil so tan that she has trouble opening her mouth?

While we hate to see someone falsely accused -- if that really is the case -- if this whole ordeal causes Krentncil to reevaluate her relationship with the tanning bed it's really for the best.

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