This invention is really the cat's meow.

Temptations has released a series of videos touting the Catterbox, which it's billing as the world's first talking cat collar, so we can finally figure out just what's going on in their brains.

"By analyzing different cat noises, we've designed a digital sensor that detects a cat's meow and uses a unique program to turn it into a human voice," the ad claims. All you have to do is connect to the app and you'll know exactly what your kitty is trying to say to you, if you dare try to lurk in those depths.

We're guessing "Please leave," "I'm not running over to greet you" and "Hey, change the litter box" are pretty standard fare.

The Catterbox is the brainchild of London ad agency adam&eveDDB, but for now it's only a prototype. This may merely be a brilliant stroke a marketing genius, so whether or not it's a real device is something we'll leave up to you to decide.