Facebook Helps President Obama Pardon Two Turkeys
After a neck and neck online competition, President Obama today granted pardon to two turkeys, Cobbler and Gobbler. Cobbler, who likes eating cranberries and listening to Carly Simon, narrowly beat out Gobbler, the corn-eating turkey who loves bluegrass...
Turkey and Deer Make Strange, Cute Bedfellows [PHOTOS]
One of the many things the internet has taught us is that animals of different species will become close friends when given the chance.
The latest inter-species love story comes from Tinsel the turkey and Bramble the deer. Tinsel was taken to Nuneaton and Warwickshire Wildlife Sanctuary in England af…
Turkey Strikes Back at Taunting Kids
This time of year it's only fair that we highlight as many videos of turkeys on the attack as possible. In this entertaining video, a little girl learns a valuable lesson about not teasing the proud bird.
10 Awesome Turkey Calling Videos
Turkey hunting has been a part of American culture from the very beginning. Once a major source of food and goods for trade, the popular bird was THIS close to being our national symbol. (Nice try, Ben Franklin.)
Veteran turkey hunters of yesterday and today know that the best way to attract a hen or…