Turkey hunting has been a part of American culture from the very beginning. Once a major source of food and goods for trade, the popular bird was THIS close to being our national symbol. (Nice try, Ben Franklin.)

Veteran turkey hunters of yesterday and today know that the best way to attract a hen or gobbler is to … wait for it… CALL it. (Insert obvious dating joke here.) There are a whopping 28 specific types of calls turkeys respond to. Those who can’t tell a "yelp" from a "cackle," can stop losing sleep! We've rounded up some hilarious video clips to educate your bird brains.

  • 1

    Turkey Rap

    This call will bring in only the hippest turkeys. And yes, these hunter/rhymers are available for weddings, bar mitzvahs and tailgating parties.

  • 2

    Dirty Birdy

    Who knew the innocent practice of hunting game foul could meander into NC-17 territory? This bird's not ready for primetime!

  • 3

    Callin’ Home

    This industrious fellow shows that we don't, indeed, need any fancy store-bought turkey calls to lure and murder our very own Thanksgiving bird. We don't want to know what else he's been working on in his basement …

  • 4

    Missed Calls

    Does anyone else feel like this video could double as a dating tutorial? Just sayin,' we'd probably sign up.

  • 5


    So just to clarify: a male, or Tom, turkey is attracted to the rhythmic rubbing of a long piece of...um..."wood" over a...uh..."box" until the, er,"friction" of said rubbing builds up enough to create a loud sound known as a "yelp?" Okay then. (Are we blushing? We think we're blushing.)

  • 6

    Talkin’ Turkey

    This man has no idea that he's actually agreeing to become a Vegan and give his first-born child to the barnyard as a sacrifice for his former high-protein carnivorous ways.

  • 7


    Turkey calls, it's a universal language. Like "Supersize me."

  • 8

    Turkish Dictator

    Attention FBI's 'Most Wanted' -- are you seeing this??

  • 9

    2009 Turkey Calling Champ

    The sounds this turkey calling champ can produce are actually pretty amazing. We could see some sort of potential Kanye West collaboration happening in the near future. (This guy should have plenty of time during deer-hunting season. Things tend to be pretty quiet then.)

  • 10

    Turned Yelper

    Turkey call champion Scott Wilhelm demonstrates a "turned yelper" in this video. Is it us, or does it sound a bit like the recorders we "played" in grade school?

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