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Clay Homer
"The Last Peanut" is widely considered one of the classic bits from "The Simpsons". It comes from the fifth season, and it is hilarious. Doubly so when rendered in clay, so enjoy. Maybe watch it with a few peanuts!
Who's Mr. Burns Voting For?
It's the day before the election, and the Mitt Romney endorsements are flying in! The first came from Joss Whedon (who strongly believes Romney can jumpstart the zombie apocalypse). This one is from 'The Simpsons' bad guy Mr. Burns (who is the cartoon embodiment of corporate greed)...
The Internet Picks Out ‘The Simpsons’ Funniest Signs
The Simpsons is not a show that's shy about stuffing gags into every corner of the frame. And, after nearly a quarter century on the air, the show has quite a few signs. Here's a strip of what seems to be the Internet's favorite gags from the beloved show. Fair warning, it's a lo…
Is This The Origin Of Homer Simpson?
In the "weird coincidences" file, we've got this cartoon, which was first published in 1949 in a magazine in Iceland. Yeah, they look fairly similar... but wait until you see the whole cartoon.
Does This Tree Look Like Homer Simpson?
This could have been so perfect, if not for the vertical video. It's still pretty hilarious though -- a man sings a snippet of 'The Simpsons' theme song in an almost Homer voice while driving towards a tree that looks just enough like Homer to not be totally confusing.
Kelsey Grammer Reveals Sideshow Bob’s Origin
When one thinks about Kelsey Grammer one thinks about Frasier Crane, the character he so skillfully portrayed for 20 years on 'Cheers' and then 'Frasier.'
But the 57-year old actor is also responsible for 'The Simpsons' favorite bad guy Sideshow Bob, another pr…
Awesome Tumblr Alert – ‘The Simpsons’ Pay Homage to Movies
Simpsons did it! Simpsons did it! That was the collective criticism facing 'South Park' co-creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone in the midst of the show's sixth season. In 2002, the animated series had attained amazing success, but, much like 'Family Guy', would come under scrutiny for "copying&…
See Lady Gaga’s Shocking Outfits From ‘The Simpsons’ Finale
May's a month when seasons finales abound and that means your favorite shows pull out all the stops to send you into summer on a bittersweet note. 'SNL' gave us Mick Jagger, Foo Fighters, Arcade Fire and Kristen Wiig's farewell. 'Community' gave us Chang's demise and 8-bit versions of the cast, whil…

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