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Blame Canada for these Memes
It's Canada Day! July 1 marks the anniversary of the passing of the Constitution Act in 1867, which united three different colonies into one country -- Canada! We thought we'd honor our friendly neighbors to the North with some of our favorite Canadian memes.
The Funniest ‘South Park’ Memes on the Web
As you've probably noticed by now, images from the popular TV show 'South Park' often make their way onto the internet in the form of memes. For South Park fans this is great but non-fans need not worry. You don't have to have watched South Park to "get" these m…
Here Comes ‘South Park’s’ Take on Honey Boo Boo!
It used to be said that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. We're not sure if this constitutes flattery, but it would seem that these days that animation is the truest form of notoriety. Observe!
This week, the hilarious masterminds over at 'South Park' took on cultural phenom…
The Best of the ‘And It’s Gone’ Meme
Our new favorite meme "And It's Gone" is great for those situations when something seems to disappear way too quickly. If you've ever had a delicious food item, only for it to disappear into your mouth before you know it, you'll understand this meme perfectly.
Check Out a List of Every Kenny Death from ‘South Park’
Although Kenny McCormick hasn't died in every episode of 'South Park,' the snowsuit-wearing elementary schooler was killed off repeatedly prior to season six. In fact, Kenny has been offed so many times it's hard to keep his gruesome deaths straight. In honor of Kenny's memory, the folks at Dish Net…
Check Out a Real Life Cartman From ‘South Park’ [PHOTO]
'South Park' has been making us laugh with its signature brand of no-holds-barred parody since 1997. (Or since 1995, if you count the notorious 'Spirit of Christmas' shorts that took the internet by storm before the Comedy Central show launched.)
Because everybody's favorite animated nine-year olds h…