Although Kenny McCormick hasn't died in every episode of 'South Park,' the snowsuit-wearing elementary schooler was killed off repeatedly prior to season six. In fact, Kenny has been offed so many times it's hard to keep his gruesome deaths straight. In honor of Kenny's memory, the folks at Dish Network have compiled a list of all the unfortunate ways Kenny has met his demise. "Oh my god! They killed Kenny!"

Looking back, it's apparent that poor Kenny really has had a rough time of it. The unfortunate character has been struck by lightning, pummeled with a dodgeball, exploded by a firecracker, stabbed in the heart by a Cthulhu cultist and had his head bitten off by Ozzy Osbourne.

Even if Kenny is immortal, which was the explanation given in season 14's Mysterion episodes, these are still awful ways to go. Relive all of Kenny's tragic deaths below, but observe a moment of silence first, please.

All the Ways They Killed Kenny

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