Normally, a cappella music doesn't leave many people with their jaws hitting the floor. This remake of a 'South Park' song, however, is pure gold.

The recent 'Cash 4 Gold' episode of the long-running Comedy Central animated sitcom featured a very quirky and catchy ditty called 'The Jewelry Polka.' The song was played as the boys learned the painful truth about the cash for gold industry that not only underpays customers for their gold, but also manages to sell the very gold they are selling back to them.

However, what caught viewer's very short attention spans was the song that accompanied it. Internet a cappella-ist Matt Mulholland also noticed the catchy tune and decided to use his awesome soloist powers to turn around his own rendition.

The amazing part is that the original song was almost entirely an a cappella number in its own right, so a successful copy depends on a perfect reproduction. Mulholland does such an amazing job that we defy anyone to listen to both versions and pick out which one is which.

It's also not his first attempt to take TV and movie songs and turn them into his own twisted creations. You can check out Matthew's one-man a cappella versions of the theme from 'Ghostbusters,' Seal's 'Kiss from a Rose,' the 'Pokemon' theme and (our personal favorite) the theme from 'Full House' below. Somewhere, Uncle Jesse is smiling and Bobby McFerrin is fearing for his career.