In what may be the perfect summation of the crazy year that was, Rebecca Black, the internet sensation who sang the notorious song 'Friday,' was the top Google search term for 2011. Granted, Google doesn't take into account searches that were made ironically and/or while inebriated. 

That means a 14-year-old whose parents paid $4,000 so that she could film a cheesy music video tribute to the day that comes after Thursday beat out anything to do with the "Occupy" movement, the Presidential election, two wars, Steve Jobs, major sports stories like the cult of Tim Tebow and just about everything else that happened in 2011.

Second on the Google Zeitgeist list was Google+ (of course), followed by 'Jackass' star Ryan Dunn, who died earlier this year. Jobs did make the list, though, at number nine.

In case you didn't see it (if that's possible), here's the video for 'Friday.' And if searching for Rebecca Black brought you here, welcome!

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