Snowy owls, the white-feathered birds who were made popular by Hedwig, Harry Potter's loyal companion and courier, are suddenly appearing in the Northern United States in record numbers.

Experts say it is typical for some snowy owls to migrate south from their Arctic home about every three to four winters. But they have never seen so many of the now-famous birds in the US as they have this year.

Thirty in one area, that's mind numbing," said University of Kansas ornithologist Mark Robbins, after 30 snowy owls were spotted by a frozen lake in South Dakota.

The owls have also made their way to Chicago and Boston, and one bird with a hankering for the good life was even spotted in Hawaii.

While nobody knows quite why the owls are flooding the States, they are known as a wise bird, suggesting that with the 'Harry Potter' movie series ending, they are just trying to cash in on their celebrity before it's too late. Perhaps they heard that owls made our list of animals to watch in 2012.

[via Yahoo!]

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