It looks like everyone in London is getting into the Olympic spirit. Bob, for one, is in the middle of training for the track and field portion of his hometown's annual athletic competition that will coincide with the Olympic Games. And by the way, Bob is a burrowing owl and his home is the ZSL London Zoo.

The Animal Athletes, as the event is called, highlights the natural talent of some of the zoo's most standout performers, like Bob here. His "personal trainers" are getting him prepped for the 100-centimeter sprint (probably way less grueling than the 100-meter sprint, but still).

Check out Bob's workout routine below.

If you haven't already felt this by watching the video, Bob is a bit of diva. First, it takes a great deal of effort on the part of the trainer to keep Bob's head in the game. And second, apparently the miniature owl demanded a custom-built track be made for his training regime. Let's just say all this attitude better be worth hassle.

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