We aren't monkeying around when we say that this macaque apes Albert Einstein perfectly. Okay, now that the primate puns (and attendant alliteration) are out of the way, seriously take a look at this baby macaque. An amateur photographer and professional physicist spotted the monkey in Malaysia. We agree the similarity is uncanny.

Mihail Nazarov, a 66-year-old professor, was at Taiping National Park when he spotted the animal. Since he's a physicist, he noticed the similarity immediately (they even have matching mustaches) and took some pictures for proof later.

Not only is the mustache the same -- the monkey also possesses Einstein's signature crazy hair, and a wizened expression that can only come with either being the genius who came up with the theory of relativity or a baby monkey.

For those who don't know, a macaque is a type of Old World Monkey, and Albert Einstein is that guy who Walter Matthau played in 1994 rom-com classic 'I.Q.'

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