Finally ‘Call Me Maybe’ Gets a Military Makeover
We genuinely thought there could be no more covers or tributes or parodies of 'Call Me Maybe.' One would think that once a song makes its way into a hobo camp, it's pretty much done. But this version has got something all the other ones don't -- a guy holding a machine gun and mo…
Returning Soldier Surprises Young Son at School [VIDEO]
We admit it. These things make us misty.
Army Specialist Matthew Peters of Owensville, Missouri spent a year deployed in Kuwait and Iraq, and hadn't seen his young son, Blake, in more than six months. When he came home, he decided to pop in on the unsuspecting tyke at school for a hug the kid wi…
Returning Soldier Surprises His Mom at Work [VIDEO]
Soldiers know the value of surprise, especially when returning home from active duty to their loved ones.
When Joey found out he was getting sent home from Kuwait two weeks earlier than anticipated, he spent the three months prior planning to surprise his mom at the UPS sorting facility in Lansing, M…

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