Kickstarter is a wonderful, magical place, where you can buy "luxuriously rugged" men's underpants, or help bring chocolate-dipped, pretzel-sprinkled beer-flavored marshmallows into the world. But not all of the projects people are trying to do are so awesome. Or really even that sane. If you've got a couple of bucks and would like to bring some craziness into the world, here are some Kickstarters for you.

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    This California dad wants $20,000 to make t-shirts that say "YOLO" on them in a wacky font. He plans for the shirts to be the "No Fear" of 2013, which reminds us, No Fear shirts used to be a thing that existed. Twenty. Thousand. Dollars. Out of control. You only live once, people. Save your money.

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    OEOPOL: Earth Jerseys


    Sincerely, watch this video and try to tell us this isn't aliens. Why would humans talk this way? Very suspicious, if you ask us.

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    PyroDust BBQ Dry Rub


    Okay, truthfully, we just wanted to mention this one because great T.S. Eliot reference you guys! The project itself is actually kind of boring -- these guys just need a new label machine for their BBQ dry rub stuff. Kind of a letdown after that awesome intro.

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    Finding Sandler


    So 15 years ago this guy was a PA on an Adam Sandler movie, and he didn't have a drink with him when he had the chance. Now he wants to raise $35,000 so he can basically stalk Sandler and call it a movie. Awesome!

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    'Superman Lives' Documentary


    We are, in fact, quite sad that 'Superman Lives' was never actually mad. It was to have been written by Kevin Smith, directed by Tim Burton and starred Nicolas Cage. Are you sad now too? This is definitely a movie we will watch if it can raise enough money in the next 40 days. Just look at Nic Cage in that shiny Superman costume.

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    Pet Zombie Rock

    Make no mistake -- these people are trying to sell you rocks. They've capitalized on the popularity of zombies (the pitch exclaims, "Welcome to the Zombie A-Rockalypse!") to give them some more appeal, but this is seriously just a rock that's been painted.

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    Tailtux Men's Stylish Shirt


    Do you love shirts but hate how they aren't also underpants? Then Tailtux is the shirt/underpants combo for you! Don't worry -- it unsnaps at the crotch just like onesies for babies do, so you don't have to worry about feeling like too much of a man when you're working on your golf swing.


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    It's funny, because every time we see a baby, we can't help thinking, "Geez, if only this baby had some tattoos, maybe I would want to have kids." They come in a variety of styles, including Chola Eyebrows and Tramp Stamp! Degrade your doll collection today!

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    The Hot Child Junk Jeans


    Probably giving your brand of pants a name that sounds like you really appreciate the crotches of small children is not a good idea. Also, neither are these pants.

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    iPad Holder for a Child's Stroller


    You know those annoying people who give their toddlers iPads to play games on in stores so they don't actually have to pay attention to them? Now with the iStroll, you can easily be one too! Things this video fails to mention -- be sure to leave the sound effects volume turned up on every game so everybody has to listen to it; keep you iPad on at all times, lest your child actually experience any part of nature or the real world and also EVERYBODY HATES YOU.

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