The 11 Funniest Fish on the Web
Who knew fish could be so funny? They're basically the most unexpectedly hilarious creatures. Remember how they're master blooper-makers? That's just the beginning. Take a look closer at most fishies, and you'll notice they're pretty funny looking. The scaly things can be cute and all, but they're a…
Unruly Fish Causes Hilarious News Blooper
Intrepid Tennessee reporter Carley Gordon got way more than she bargained for when an Asian carp broke free during a Channel 4 News report and nearly sent her over the side of a boat. Well, it is an invasive species, after all. What did she expect?
Does This Stargazer Fish Look Like Homer Simpson?
While many other cartoon characters have living, breathing counterparts in real life, fans of Homer Simpson have had to content themselves with this lifeless (but admittedly Homer-esque) 800-year-old carved stone head, which was recently unearthed in a garden in Scotland. Until now.
5 Cute Kids Catching Their First Fish [VIDEOS]
Give a kid a fish and he probably won’t eat it (fish are yucky!), but teach a kid to fish and he just might have one of the most mind-bending experiences of his cute little life. See, here’s the thing about fishing: When it works, it’s crazy, especially if you’ve never caught a fish before. What’s t…
Hungry Fish Foils Underwater Egg Experiment [VIDEO]
A pair of curious divers want to prove that an egg can stay together at depth, but a hungry and possibly attention-seeking fish comes along and eats the egg in two bites. Since fish don't typically care for chicken eggs, we suspect its punishment for ruining the trick will be quite a stoma…

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