Intrepid Tennessee reporter Carley Gordon got way more than she bargained for when an Asian carp broke free during a Channel 4 News report and nearly sent her over the side of a boat. Well, it is an invasive species, after all. What did she expect?

Gordon was holding a 12-pound carp by the tail and reporting on the destructive species' presence in the Cheatham Reservoir when the fish suddenly wriggled free, causing her to flee to the back of the boat and knock down a wildlife official in the process. Her cameraman, meanwhile, laughed heartily at the spectacle.

The fish continued to flop mightily while Gordon huddled in the stern, nervously teetering on the edge of the boat. Eventually, a fearless wildlife official subdued the battered creature.

Let's not be too harsh on Gordon, though. This particular species of fish can jump up to 10 feet into the air and has even been known to cause injuries to boaters. So, maybe we can forgive her on-camera freakout.

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