Get a Facebook ‘Like’ and Tech-Savvy Vest Hugs You
It was recently revealed that Facebook now has one billion users -- that's 15% of the world’s population. That’s a pretty impressive achievement for Mr. Zuckerburg, if you ask us. There’s no denying the top-notch social network has become integrated into our daily lives, and now there's a way to be physically rewarded by the site -- ‘Like-A-Hug.'
Facebook Reaches One Billion Users
You know what's cool? One billion users. OK, now that that's out of the way, lets discuss the big Facebook news, which is that the social network  recently topped one billion users. This amounts to about 15% of the world's population.
Woman Jailed For Failing To Delete Facebook Account
You know it’s a bad day when a judge decides you need to spend some time behind bars because you didn’t delete your Facebook account. Is having a Facebook page now a crime? It seems that if you irk the wrong judge in the state of Kentucky, it just might be.
Military Starts Naked Salute Facebook Group for Prince Harry
Well, if what happens in Vegas isn't going to stay in Vegas, as many people as possible should probably put naked pictures of themselves up on Facebook to make it okay. It's maybe not how we would deal with the Naked Prince Harry Fiasco of 2012, but that doesn't mean it isn't happening right now.
Mark Zuckerberg Meets Facebook’s Oldest, 101-Year-Old User
While there might not be a spot in 'The Guinness Book of World Records' to praise Facebook's oldest registered user -- maybe there should be. On Monday, Florence Detlor, the social network’s oldest registered user, celebrated her 101st birthday by crashing in on Mark Zuckerberg and his crew of hackers, nerds and programmers at Facebook's California headquarters.
Could Not Being On Facebook Cost You A Job?
Between falling stock prices, continued privacy concerns and an admission that a good chunk of its profiles are fake, Facebook has had a rough few months. But before you drop your Facebook account, consider this: employers may view potential hires who aren't on the social network as suspicious.
10 Things We Want Apps to Get Rid of on Facebook
It has finally happened. What once was a social media outlet connecting drunk college students has suddenly become the place you hear about your exes' recent engagement, your high school boyfriend’s new baby and discover your moms penchant for oversharing. Fortunately, the brilliant people of Unbaby.me have not only had enough, they’ve found a way to program all this excess noise right out of your
Daughter Successfully Sues Mother For Facebook Humiliation
Ever since older people have been joining social networking sites like Facebook, they've been embarrassing their children. Usually this manifests itself in the same kind of hokey parental sentiments that have been irking kids since way before the internet. But a woman in Germany has gone in the complete other direction by humiliating her daughter with the kind of stunt you'd only expect from junio
See the Other Things Facebook Changed on Your Profile
Earlier this week, Facebook changed all the default email addresses on its users' profiles to a brand new address, @facebook.com. Sneaky yes, but was it really that big of a deal? Probably not since very few people are ever going to navigate through a Facebook profile to get an email address when it's so much easier and more reliable to use Facebook's internal messaging system. However, the folks
Facebook Just Gave You a Facebook Email Address – Here’s How to Change It
You probably don't check out the "about" section of your Facebook page a whole lot, being that you already know everything there is to know about yourself. But if you happened to do so today, you would have noticed something different -- your listed email address has been changed to one with your Facebook profile name and then @facebook.com. Yes, Facebook gave you a Facebook email addres

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