Thanks to Facebook, we can now "like" just about anything on the internet. But what if you more than "like" something you see on the Web? What if you "want" it too?

Soon there may be a special button for that.

Facebook is currently working with retailers such as Pottery Barn and Victoria's Secret to create a system in which users of the social networking site can click that they "want" certain products, which will then appear in a wishlist on their Facebook timeline.

This development comes at a time in which Facebook is coming under increasing fire for not providing value for its advertisers. Obviously a "want" button has commercial implications, although Facebook says they will not receive a direct fee when somebody purchases a wishlist item on a retailer's website.

What do you think? Are you down with a want button?

We'd be onboard if there was a corresponding "don't' want" button, which would allow Facebook users to humorously protest the crass commercialism of our time or just make fun or their friends' bad taste. But we're not going to holding our breathe on that one.

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