We love our parents; we really do. It's just that during those early years, they can seem like the most embarrassing people on the planet. It's tough enough growing up (kudos to you if you can read the word "puberty" without wincing) without lame-o parents humiliating you, but when it comes to two parents in Wisconsin, we have to admit they've surpassed "embarrassing" and jumped straight to "awesome."

When their teenage daughter was being fresh, the funny pair decided it was time to dish out a well-deserved punishment by taking away her cell phone. That's par for the course, if you ask us. Then, in order to really teach their teen a lesson, the mom and dad took some silly pictures and uploaded them to her Facebook page. GLORY!!!

If our parents had done that, we'd be mortified. But since these are complete strangers, we have to hand it to them -- their genius parenting skills should be followed by moms and dads everywhere. Observe: