Ellen's favorite little English cousins, Sophia Grace and Rosie, were back on her show this week.

As has become their habit, the duo were decked out like a couple ballerina princesses for their performance of a Nicki Minaj song, this time the hip-hip queen's recent release 'Starships.' (If you actually listen to the lyrics, the youngsters are singing about drinking Bud Light and Patron. So let's just focus on the beat.)

As you can see, Rosie is really becoming more and more like Sophia Grace's "hype girl." (We're pretty sure her mic isn't turned on.) Still, she keeps snagging all the camera time with her impressive dancing.

After the performance, Ellen talked to the girls about their increasing fame. Sophia Grace, in particular, couldn't be more thrilled by the celebrity turn, telling Ellen that now all the kids in school want to be her friend.

Like she always does, Ellen had a gift for the girls. Check out what it is below.

So it looks like we're going to be seeing a lot more of Sophia Grace and Rosie in their near future. Nicki Minaj better keep coming out with new songs.

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