Shocked Cat Has the Greatest OMG Face
There is some debate over whether this cat's jaw is locked open because he is in the midst of the greatest car ride ever, or because there is something about the trip that is terrifying the kitty. Either way, it has one of the funniest shocked face ever.
Gambling Cat Is a Master at the Shell Game
By now you must be aware that the internet is obsessed with cats. We here at TheFW are no different. From their adorable antics to the many websites in their honor, cats surely know how to keep mankind entertained. There are times though when some cats possess certain skills we wish we had. Like thi…
Hank the Cat is the Senate Candidate America Needs
While most folks are focused on the 2012 presidential election that will come this November, there are some other pretty important political contests taking place this year too. For example, in Virginia there is a high profile Senate race being conducted between former Governor Tim Kaine, former Sen…
15 Adorable Snoring Animals
Somewhere along the way, February 28th was declared Public Sleeping Day. There is no record of what tired person made this so, but the fact is that it's a day. A day when you can go out and sleep in public, if you dare.
10 Awesome Animals Walking On Two Legs
The ability to walk upright is one of many things that set humans apart in the animal kingdom, but when it comes to evolution perhaps our four-legged friends aren't as far behind us as we may have thought.
Procatinator Is Here, Your Weekend Is Now Booked
The Internet loves cats. This is a fact demonstrated by website after website, Facebook entry after Facebook entry, email forward after email forward. But leave it to a website to sum up why we love cats...and set it to music. Meet the Procatinator, the website that'll eat all your free time…
Heroic Adopted Cat Saves New Owner’s Life
When you adopt a pet from a shelter, the good deed of giving a creature in need a loving home is its own reward.
But when Amy Jung picked up a 21-pound orange-and-white cat named Puddin from a Humane Society nearby her Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin home, her reward was so much greater. The cat promptly sav…

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