While most folks are focused on the 2012 presidential election that will come this November, there are some other pretty important political contests taking place this year too. For example, in Virginia there is a high profile Senate race being conducted between former Governor Tim Kaine, former Senator George Allen, and a cat named Hank.

At his point, we suspect you probably want to know more about the cat. So here is what we found out about him on his Facebook page.

Hank is a refreshing candidate - energetic, inspiring, and real. Unlike so many others, he wasn’t born with a “silver spoon” - but rather earned his success and his name through hard work. He knows what it’s like to have very little, and knows that with hard work and dedication anyone can seize the opportunities that this great nation presents all of us."

Hank's bio also talks about how he was "born to a single mother living on the streets," and how he narrowly escaped execution in an animal shelter. Of course, the eight-year old feline, who describes himself as a political moderate, even has a political ad. Check it out below.

Eh, we're going to have say we're not too impressed with that ad. For a candidate who comes from such a non-traditional background, that's a lot of politics as usual.