For everyone who has ever thought that birds weren't as intelligent as cats or dogs, your mind will soon change! This clever Green Heron clearly shows signs of reasoning skills as he adapts his fishing techniques in order to obtain a good meal.

Unlike his bird-brained fellows, the heron delicately takes a piece of bread into his beak and dips it into the water to use as bait. He lets the bread float for a minute or two and when the unsuspecting fish takes the bait, the bird snaps his jaws closed. The heron then drags the fish just a little farther up from the pond so he can enjoy his meal in piece.

What's truly amazing is the fact that this determined bird used the bread but didn't eat it. The heron could've given up and chowed down on the bread instead of attempting to fish, but he persevered it to the very end. Our minds have just been blown!