Bears Have Hoedown When Nobody’s Around
This pretty much proves it -- nature is terrifying AND awesome. This video shows what happens in the woods when humans aren't around. It's pretty amazing, but if we ever stumbled across that many bears in one place ... let's just say there aren't enough pants in the world.
Bears With Beaks
If you're not familiar with Birds With Arms, a single-serving Tumblr that posts images of birds with human arms Photoshopped onto them, Bears With Beaks might make no sense. If you are familiar, and you like Birds With Arms, you'll love this.
The Best of the Confession Bear Meme
Here's a confession -- we actually like Confession Bear. There, we said it, so now we can say this week's Best Meme of the Week goes to -- you guessed it -- Confession Bear!
That sad eyed Malayan sun bear is ready to spill his deepest darkest secrets to you. Whether about farting or assembling IKEA f…
Tech-Savvy Bear Steals iPad
Campers at Jenks Lake in California's San Bernardino National Forest got an unexpected visitor over the weekend when a bear sauntered into camp and stole a backpack containing an iPad. Not that we blame him, of course. Those things are expensive!
World’s Cutest Grizzly Bear Attack Caught on Tape
There are a few existing phrases you will never, ever hear coming out of our mouths. These include "I’m tired of these Honey Boo Boo shenanigans" and ‘what a cute grizzly bear attack!’
What we've discovered, however, is that there is such a thing as an adorable grizzly! Things get even cute…
Bear Cubs Play With Rope Swing, Heartstrings
It would be profoundly unethical of us to see this video and not present it to you, the general public, as a useful instruction guide to bringing adorable animals closer to your home. Of course, they may eventually maul you, but for now, awwwwwww!
Adorable Bear Cubs Conga Their Way into Your Heart
In this adorable video, an impossibly cute litter of 10 bears cubs stand on their hind legs and line up in single file in what appears to be an ursine conga. But is it a conga line or a "love train" like the video's title suggests? Eh, doesn't matter. It's mighty cut…
Find Out What Made this Black Bear Fly
Okay, so, this bear isn't really flying. Instead, it's falling from a tree on the University of Colorado campus after being tranquilized by wildlife officials. But, hey, who says we can't dream of a world with flying bears, huh?
Wild Bears Crash Live TV Weather Report
A family of wild bears got some TV time on Monday night when they crashed a live outdoor weather report on WNEP in Scranton, PA. Not surprisingly, meteorologist Kurt Aaron fled in the face of the animal invasion. (Guess he couldn't bear it.)

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