There are a few existing phrases you will never, ever hear coming out of our mouths. These include "I’m tired of these Honey Boo Boo shenanigans" and ‘what a cute grizzly bear attack!’

What we've discovered, however, is that there is such a thing as an adorable grizzly! Things get even cuter when it comes in the form of a baby bear who’s trying to viciously attack someone’s leg but failing miserably.

Meet the four-legged guy who’s the first and probably only bear to ever make us go "aww!" You'll see the furball immediately goes for an ankle assault on the chosen victim, wrapping his adorable paws around the leg while attempting a few nibbles. It’s obvious the tiny grizzly is trying really hard to seem ferocious, but it’s just impossible amongst all the cuteness.

Is it weird that we now want a baby grizzly bear to attack our ankles simply out of adorable entertainment?

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